Welcome to The Rover Outpost! Not only are we a manufacturer of unofficial Canadian Rover and Venturer Scouting merchandise, but we also pride ourselves on manufacturing high quality custom embroidery and woven labels at fantastic prices! We can supply crests of any shape or size, for any sort of event or function, whether it’s a camp, training event, company, sports team, club, organization, military unit, EMS, or ceremony. Products from TRO can make great gifts and commemorative items, and can be sewn, attached with velcro, or ironed-on to jackets, blankets, uniforms, etc. Upon request, TRO is also able to make up custom embroidered shoulder epaulettes for your service agency or Scouting group.

When it comes to your crest designs, the sky is the limit! It can be round, square, or any sort of custom shape. It can have cut outs in the middle of it, and can use as many different colours of threads as you want, although there is no additional charge for up to nine colours.

The best part of ordering from The Rover Outpost? No minimum order! If you want one crest, then you only need to order one crest, although there are significant price breaks starting at 10 crests and up. We are also able to ship to anywhere in North America (Canada and the United States), plus Great Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. Our factory supplier may also be able to ship your order directly to you, wherever you may be in the world!

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