A TRO History

When I was first invested as a Rover in 2004, my advisor presented me with a pair of old Rover shoulderboards to wear on my uniform, and since that point, I’ve been fascinated with old Rover and Scouting memorabilia.

Just prior to the BC Provincial Jamboree in 2007, I had flag strips, blanket crests, and shoulderboards made up (all stuff Scout Shops in Canada no longer supply). Before the summer was out, and after the Rover merch had made a visit to the Canadian Jamboree, I found myself completely sold out, with a back order of Rovers and Leaders interested in buying Rover related products. At this time, I decided to register The Rover Outpost as a location where people (not just myself) can sell Rover and other Scouting merchandise to anyone who wants it.

To try and lower the costs of the products available, I was able to find a factory overseas with a very short turn around time after approval of artwork and samples. The prices were right, and so I decided at that time that The Rover Outpost would also act as a liason between any person, group, organization, or business wanting embroidery made at an excellent price, and the factory overseas, with whom I’ve already built up a very good working relationship.

With the mainstream adoption of social media by companies and individuals alike, it has become incredibly easy to ask questions and get answers. The Rover Outpost hopes to capitalize on these tools, to be able to help you, the customer, feel more connected with how we work and what we can do for you. Twitter and Facebook are two such tools, tools we find very important, which is why you’ll find links to our profiles at the top of every single page you visit on our site.

I have taken the stance that I will not market anything as vintage or original; everything for sale on this website is sold as reproduction or original works only. I also will not manufacture anything that international Scout Shops currently sell, or plan to sell in the foreseeable future.

Alton Toth
The Rover Outpost

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